Telesheet is a digital news blog that brings you the news related to sports, entertainment, technology. We will give information about your dear actor and actress, big players of the game, and new movies to come.

Our aim is simple – we will try to publish you intense, time, and the right news. We want to become a trusted partner of information, who will provide you analysis on every subject (news related) in a simple way.

Our goals

Our goals are to publish our news in every village, district and town in India, and became a revolutionary news forum in publishing news of the world / world (World Leading). It is our job to provide fresh and important news, and in this growing era of creative techniques we will provide it to it. To stay connected with us, you can follow us in Social Media, where we will give time to the questions as well as your questions.

Hmm is working hard day and night to become an important news media of the news. Thank you! Stay connected and fresh this journey with us with the news.

Padmanavan mukherjee

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Position: Editor
Blogging Career: Since 2019

Piyush pushkar

Position: Admin
Blogging Career: Since 2019
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