Ahluwalia Contracts Secures Major Infrastructure Project in Navi Mumbai

Ahluwalia Contracts Secures Major Infrastructure Project in Navi Mumbai

Ahluwalia Contracts Limited (ACL), a prominent name in India’s construction sector, has secured a significant victory by winning the bid to construct a monumental project in Navi Mumbai.

The contract, valued at a staggering Rs 2,157 crore, involves the development of a sprawling Gym and Jewellery Park.

Ahluwalia Contracts: A Win for Maharashtra in the Diamond Trade Rivalry

This project holds immense strategic importance in the ongoing competition between Maharashtra and Gujarat, particularly in the diamond trade sector.

The establishment of this colossal Jewellery Park, surpassing the recently inaugurated Surat Diamond Bourse in size, is a strategic move to retain prominent diamond traders within Maharashtra.

This initiative aims to counter the potential shift of businesses to Gujarat, ensuring Maharashtra’s continued dominance in the diamond trade.

Details of the Navi Mumbai Jewellery Park Project

The project itself is envisioned as a multi-building complex, and ACL has been awarded the final tender for its construction.

The specifics of the design and the facilities offered within the park haven’t been disclosed yet.

However, considering the project’s scale and purpose, it’s safe to assume it will be a state-of-the-art complex catering to the specific needs of the diamond industry.

Ahluwalia Contracts’ win signifies a major boost for the company’s portfolio and a testament to its expertise in handling large-scale infrastructure projects.

The successful completion of this project will further solidify ACL’s position as a leading construction firm in India.

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