Google Pays Up in Adtech Lawsuit, Seeks to Dismiss Jury Trial


Google made a shocking move in the ongoing Department of Justice (DOJ) lawsuit in opposition to its advert tech practices. The organisation filed a motion claiming they have got paid the USA authorities a lump sum tripling the maximum amount of potential damages requested by way of the DOJ.

This preemptive strike is an try and render the lawsuit’s economic claims moot. Google argues that the check, sitting at the desk, efficiently removes any financial damage they could have prompted.

The organization is also requesting a decide, in preference to a jury, preside over the case.

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The DOJ’s lawsuit facilities round allegations of anti-competitive behavior in the online advertising market. The unparalleled request for a jury trial in this type of complicated antitrust case has been a factor of rivalry at some point of the lawsuits.

Legal experts believe Google’s push for a judge can also stem from worries approximately a jury awarding notably better damages.

While the hefty check may additionally seem like an admission of guilt, it’s a strategic pass in a bigger recreation. Google hopes this maneuver will dismiss the monetary portion of the lawsuit, leaving most effective the question in their enterprise practices.

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