Mercedes-AMG SL vs Porsche 911: Convertible Sports Car Showdown, Which is better ?


In the arena of excessive-overall performance convertible sports cars, two German giants stand out: the Mercedes-AMG SL vs Porsche 911. Carwow’s Mat Watson lately had the possibility to check pressure both motors back-to-returned, and he has shared his verdict on which one reigns superb.

Close Cousins, Different Personalities

Both automobiles boast staggering specs and expensive interiors, but they cater to slightly extraordinary driving patterns.

The Mercedes-AMG SL, with its effective V8 engine and all-wheel-drive gadget, is a bruiser of a car, constructed for handy acceleration and confident handling.

The Porsche 911, then again, is a extra particular and agile gadget, with a rear-wheel-power layout and a flat-six engine that offers a interesting riding enjoy.

Mercedes-AMG SL vs Porsche 911: Design


The Mercedes-AMG SL boasts a formidable and competitive layout, with a large bonnet, a outstanding AMG grille, and muscular appears. However, a few reviewers have determined the rear end to be a bit too fussy.

The Porsche 911, then again, remains genuine to its traditional silhouette, with a layout that is each timeless and fashionable. While the coupe version of the 911 is broadly appeared as a looker, the convertible model can appear a chunk bulbous with the roof up.


Both automobiles provide highly-priced and well-appointed interiors, however they take barely special procedures. The Mercedes-AMG SL capabilities a driving force-targeted cockpit with a plethora of buttons and controls.

The infotainment gadget is easy to apply and functions a big screen that is placed close to the motive force for clean get right of entry to.

The Porsche 911’s interior is a chunk more minimalist, with a focal point on easy traces and first-rate substances. The infotainment machine is easier than the one in the Mercedes-AMG SL, however it is nevertheless smooth to use.


Neither the Mercedes-AMG SL nor the Porsche 911 is a in particular realistic automobile. Both vehicles provide seats, and their rear seats are more appropriate for occasional use or for storing luggage.

The Mercedes-AMG SL does offer a larger boot capability than the Porsche 911, however neither vehicle is right for lengthy avenue trips with a variety of baggage.


The Mercedes-AMG SL is powered via a 4.0-liter dual-rapid V8 engine that produces 476 horsepower and 700 newton-meters of torque.

The Porsche 911, then again, is powered by way of a three.0-liter dual-faster flat-six engine that produces 480 horsepower and 570 newton-meters of torque.

While the Mercedes-AMG SL gives greater torque, the Porsche 911 feels quicker on the road. Both vehicles offer remarkable handling and grip, but the Porsche 911’s rear-wheel-force layout and extra precise steerage give it a moderate edge in terms of motive force engagement.

Additional Considerations

It’s crucial to notice that the price of those cars can vary relying at the precise version and alternatives chosen.

The Mercedes-AMG SL begins at round Rs.2.44 Cr, at the same time as the Porsche 911 starts at around Rs. 1.86 – 4.26 Crore. Fuel efficiency is any other essential attention.

The Mercedes-AMG SL is rated for an estimated 15 mpg town and 22 mpg motorway, whilst the Porsche 911 is rated for an estimated 19 mpg metropolis and 24 mpg highway.

Ultimately, the satisfactory vehicle for you may rely on your individual needs and choices.

If you’re searching out a effective and steeply-priced convertible sports car that offers all-wheel-drive protection, the Mercedes-AMG SL is a awesome alternative.

If you prioritize dealing with, driving force engagement, and a greater undying design, the Porsche 911 is the better preference.

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