The Lost Iron Man 4 Movie: New Iron Man?


The idea of a new Iron Man taking over the mantle after Tony Stark’s sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame is a subject that continues to spark debate among fans.

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has delivered Riri Williams, a outstanding inventor along with her very own Ironheart match, there may be another character who a few trust merits the Iron Man name: Harley Keener.

Harley Keener: A Potential Successor?


Introduced in Iron Man three (2013), Harley quickly captured the target audience’s attention. This younger tech whiz, living in a remote Tennessee city, displayed a natural aptitude for science and a pointy wit that mirrored Tony Stark’s persona.

Harley’s fascination with era and his own makeshift lab fueled hypothesis that he could be groomed as a future Iron Man.

The film’s ending further fueled this principle. Tony, having dismantled his Iron Man suits, rebuilds his entire lab, hinting at a capability future for a protégé.

However, with the focus moving in the direction of the Infinity Saga, Harley’s storyline remained unexplored.

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A Missed Opportunity?

Many enthusiasts consider Marvel ignored an possibility by not capitalizing on the installed connection between Harley and Tony. Here’s why a few argue Harley could were the ideal match for the Iron Man mantle:

  • Established Character Development: Unlike Riri Williams, who is a greater recent introduction, Harley already has a backstory and a connection to Tony. This pre-present man or woman improvement might have made his transition into the Iron Man role smoother for audiences.
  • Mirror Image of Tony Stark: Harley’s intelligence, humor, and interest in technological know-how all reflected Tony’s personality. This inherent similarity could have made him a greater herbal successor, sporting on Tony’s legacy.
  • Fan Acceptance: Harley’s short appearance in Endgame left a nice impression on lovers. There’s already a built-in target market who could be eager to peer him take on a bigger role, doubtlessly leading an Iron Man 4 movie.

The Case for Riri Williams

While there is a sturdy case for Harley Keener, Marvel appears to be putting the stage for Riri Williams to take on a outstanding position. Here’s why Riri might be the destiny Iron Man:

  • Comic Book Accuracy: In the comics, Riri Williams, also known as Ironheart, is a superb teenager who builds her own Iron Man-like suit. Introducing her aligns with the MCU’s tendency to attract inspiration from comedian e book storylines.
  • Fresh Perspective: Riri brings a brand new perspective to the table. Her history and stories fluctuate from Tony Stark’s, allowing for a fresh take at the Iron Man idea.

There’s honestly room for both characters in the MCU. While Riri forges her personal path, Harley ought to probably increase his talents and end up Iron Man later down the line.

The Future of Iron Man

The future of Iron Man inside the MCU remains uncertain. Marvel may additionally choose to cognizance on Riri Williams’s Ironheart character, or they might doubtlessly introduce a very new character to take at the mantle.

However, the continuing dialogue surrounding Harley Keener demonstrates the long-lasting recognition of Tony Stark and the capacity for a brand new Iron Man story. Whether it is Harley or a person else, fans are eager to peer the legacy of Iron Man retain.

This situation has sparked a fan-led petition, mirroring the a hit marketing campaign to deliver Spider-Man returned to the MCU. If sufficient lovers rally behind the idea, it could influence Marvel’s decision-making method.

Only time will inform what the future holds for Iron Man, but one aspect remains sure: Tony Stark’s legacy keeps to inspire and the choice for a new Iron Man tale suggests no symptoms of fading.

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