Pune Metro Train Gets a Modern Makeover with Alstom-built Trains for Line 3

Pune Metro Train

The Pune Metro is undergoing a modernization! The town’s fast transit machine is about to get hold of its first teach set synthetic via Alstom, specifically designed for Line 3.

Line 3 Gets Sleek New Trains

These trains boast a cutting-edge layout, proposing a completely unique combination of black and bare steel.

This aesthetic stands proud from the standard vibrant colorings seen in most Indian metro trains. The first teach marks the start of a bigger delivery – a complete of 22 trains could be commissioned to carrier the whole Line 3 route.

Pune Metro Ridership Soars

The arrival of those new trains indicates a vast milestone for the Pune Metro mission. Since its inauguration, the gadget has witnessed a first-rate surge in ridership.

What started out with ridership figures of round 10,000 every day passengers has now skyrocketed to a amazing 780,000.

This dramatic growth can be attributed especially to the benefit and efficiency the metro offers as compared to commuting with the aid of -wheeler.

Made in India

There’s any other exciting reality about these new trains – they had been completely designed and built in India! The Sri City facility in Andhra Pradesh is accountable for the manufacturing method.

The integration of those contemporary trains into the Pune Metro machine indicates the city’s commitment to offering a convenient and green public transportation community for its citizens.

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