God of War Comes to PC in September!

God of War Comes to PC in September

Get equipped to enjoy the epic motion-journey, God of War, on PC! Sony has ultimately showed that the surprisingly anticipated port can be launching for PC game enthusiasts on September 19th, 2024.

This is brilliant news for PC enthusiasts who have been eagerly ready to play this significantly acclaimed title. The PC version guarantees beautiful visuals with unlocked body charges and real 4k decision, pushing the bounds of graphical constancy.

Enhanced Experience for PC Gamers

Beyond the visible enhancements, the PC version of God of War will boast additional capabilities to cater to the PC audience.

Players can count on DLC content material to be available at release, imparting them with even extra God of War goodness.

Additionally, pre-order bonuses will include beauty items for Kratos, the series’ iconic protagonist, allowing gamers to customise their gameplay revel in.

The news of a God of War PC port comes after leaks surfaced prior to the latest Sony State of Play occasion, which many gamers speculated on.

While an official affirmation changed into missing, those leaks fueled the anticipation for a PC launch.

Interestingly, to get right of entry to the game on PC, players will want a PlayStation Network account, adding a layer of connectivity between the PlayStation and PC ecosystems.

With its September launch date drawing close, God of War is set to be a first-rate title for PC gamers in 2024.

Whether you’re a pro God of War fan or a newcomer to the collection, the PC version gives a compelling opportunity to enjoy this epic adventure in all its glory.

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