Red Dead Redemption: PC Fans Left in Limbo

Red Dead Redemption PC Fans Left in Limbo

For PC gamers, the dream of galloping through the wild west in Red Dead Redemption continues to be just that – a dream.

Recent rumors of a PC port were squashed, leaving fans to marvel if they will ever get to revel in this significantly acclaimed name.

Red Dead Redemption: A Fumbled Port?

Earlier reviews suggested a glimmer of wish. Data miner GTA Data Minor Watt claimed to have exposed proof pointing closer to a PC model of Red Dead Redemption.

However, Watt soon retracted their statement, leaving the PC gaming community deflated.

Rockstar’s Job Listing Fuels Speculation

Rockstar Games, the developer in the back of Red Dead Redemption, currently delivered gas to the hearth with a brand new activity list. The listing seeks an worker for a 3rd-man or woman action recreation.

This has sent the rumor mill into overdrive, with some speculating it may be some thing from a long-awaited Red Dead Redemption PC port to an entirely new identify.

Theories range from a League of Legends MMO to a shooter set within the Dune universe.

While those opportunities are exciting, they leave the query of Red Dead Redemption on PC unanswered.

So What’s Next for Red Dead Redemption on PC?

Only time will tell what Rockstar Games has in keep. The loss of a showed PC port does not necessarily mean it may not happen subsequently.

However, and not using a legitimate phrase and the aforementioned activity list hinting at a new mission, PC gamers may need to wait a while longer earlier than saddling up inside the virtual Wild West.

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